Exploring Bebo – How I’d improve it

I’ve been playing around with bebo a lot the last few days. (You can add me here, if you actually know me.)  More specifically I’ve been playing with their developer platform, which as you may or may not know is a clone of Facebook’s. So aside from having an impressively low number of friends on […]

Designing with grids, my first attempts.

So I’ve been playing around with grid based layouts a LOT lately. After seeing the blueprint css framework, I decided this was the perfect time to try designing with grids. For those of you who know me, I have been completely self taught as far as web design and interface design is concerned. Everything I […]

Designing for contingency

After getting stuck in vegas because of the delays associated with these storms, I realized that USair could have alleviated this problem by just creating a mobile version of their flight status page. I could have logged on with my blackberry and been less frustrated. Now I get home, and see the following screen on […]