Myspace platform launches

15 minutes ago Myspace pulled the wraps off of their developer platform website. Apparently they eschewed the conventions previously set forth by Bebo and Facebook and are letting everyone in. Its a free for all folks! Basics: Built on a combination of opensocial and myspace “Action Scripts” Myspace is hosting the apps (for now) You […]

Announcing Tasty

Hey everyone, I’d like to announce Tasty, the first project to come out of the web+ labs. Its a super simple, super straightforward little app written in pure Ajax. Tasty ( is a graphical visualizer for delicious. Type in any url and see the top 10 tags people have used to tag that URL on […]

In a flat world, does geography matter?

So if you know me, you know I’m a huge proponent of getting things done where its most cost effective. I am a huge believer in the globalization and global sourcing movement. But there is always this question in the back of my head being on the east coast: does your company’s geography matter? Lots […]