2014 Predictions Recap

So my buddy Theo asked me yesterday if I was going to do a follow up predictions post this year. He then politely reminded me of my wildly inaccurate bitcoin prediction :-/ So I figured I should at the very least give myself grades on the predictions from last year before I make new ones […]

2014 Internet Industry Predictions

Almost religiously for the last few years I’ve been posting predictions, until the last one, I had a pretty good track record of getting them right.  This year after a reader tweeted to remind me, I figured I would take another stab at them. So take these with a grain of salt. If you bet […]

2012 Predictions

2012 Predictions So every year I put my nostradamus hat on and make bets as to what will happen in the upcoming year. I’m like 65% correct over the last 5 years, I should be wagering money on this. So here are my bets for 2012   Square will get bought out by Amex or […]