2015 Audi A3 Review

I’ve never actually reviewed a car before on here; I’ve been tempted to write up my experiences with my various cars over the years, just never got around to it. Well Audi and The Collection reached out to me asking me if I would be interested in test driving an Audi A3 for a week, […]

The Social Network Movie Review

Last week I was fortunate enough to get invited by the Miami ruby group to a screening of “The Social Network” aka the Facebook Movie. Yesterday I posted a review of the book this movie is based on, the Accidental Billionaires, which i thoroughly enjoyed. This movie is no different. The timelines are portrayed slightly […]

Review: Gatorade Natural

As someone who drinks a lot of gatorade (my uncle, who is also my dentist, is probably cringing right now), I figured I had to check out Gatorade’s new line of “Natural” drinks. Apparently the only place that carries them is Whole Foods. Whole Foods hadn’t carried any other gatorade products before (as far as […]