Lie to Me – TV Review

The directors/writers/producers/typing monkeys behind Lie to Me on Fox have to be some of the most clever people to get hired by Fox in YEARS. I have only seen the first two episodes (which I wouldn’t have seen at all had it not been for Hulu), and am hooked. As someone who loves to observe […]

Smart features make smart sites

While browsing the vimeo blog I came across this new feature they are calling the hubnut, its a really smart way to improve an already great site. I put videos I create on Vimeo. You can see my profile. The hubnut makes sharing all your videos in one place a much simpler and more viral […]

Free advice to TV producers

Dear TV Producers: Next time you start a new show, at least try and make it remotely accurate. Tonight while watching the premiere of Drive on Fox I noticed a big error. First they start their race in Key West, FL. Then they proceed to drive towards Miami (highway signage stated 39 miles), then there […]