My retweet/digg/reddit policy

So after getting tons of requests for people to either retweet, digg, reddit, vote on, stumble, whatever, I’ve decided I’ve had enough. Those of you who know me, know I RARELY ask anyone to rt my stuff or digg or spread my content. Maybe twice in the last year if that, have I asked people for that stuff.

So with that in mind, here is my new policy. If you ask me to lend my social capital to you, you have to adhere to any of the following criteria.

It must be something you spent time creating or working on
Its genuinely interesting
Its for a good cause
You’ve retweeted my stuff in the recent past (on your own accord)

If none of those things are applicable, then I will firmly say NO or ignore you.
If you send me a mass unsolicited DM promoting something, I will not retweet it, unless you are giving me a commission. Even then, better be worth my time.

Surefire ways for me to not retweet your stuff:
It is spammy
it isn’t even remotely interesting
It supports a cause I am not a supporter of, like Sarah Palin for president.

What are your rules for retweeting?

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  • I completely agree. I generally RT for people if what I'm retweeting is something I would retweet anyway if I found it myself

  • I agree. Social media is for connecting, not spamming. If you're doing the latter, I'll opt for one less “follower.”

    On a side note, I own “” Wanna collaborate?

  • davidbisset

    Yes, that's my general policy too. I generally do not retweet upon request unless it's truly interesting, or that person rarely makes the request. Some people, who will go unnamed, want me to retweet their digg or digg-like links. I find that if you retweet that too often then that lowers the value to your own followers.

    I did ask people to retweet some WordCamp Miami stuff in the last few months. I'll admit to that. But maybe that falls under Brian's “good cause” line.

  • Can you retweet this? LOLOLOL

  • I'm with Davide, i completely agree too and have said the same before in my tweets last year.

  • so what is gonna be? i say make it a tumblr of animals using tools. like monkeys using forks, etc. in a lolcats style

  • David,
    I consider a community event a good cause. If the event's purpose was solely for people to line your pockets, then it'd be another story. But one typically does not make a profit from barcamp/wordcamp/devcamp stuff.

  • nope

    Why would anyone want you submitting their stuff to digg? According to your profile, you don't have any submissions w/ more than 18 diggs (and I can guarantee you're even less popular on Reddit). And someone has to first promote you “You’ve retweeted my stuff in the recent past”?

    Just another spammer trying to make a name for himself without any real value. Keep Tweeting!

  • i think you're missing the point. i didn't say someone had to promote me first. its all options. i'm not popular on digg or reddit. i was talking about votes, asking me to submit is useless as my accounts aren't popular.

  • Very amusing reading. I'm going to have to come up with my own policy like this. LOLz