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A couple weeks ago, I had the pleasure of being interviewed by my buddy Tim for the Miami Hustle Series Podcast (which if you haven’t checked it out, it has tons of great interviews with Miami entrepreneurs). During the conversation, which could have extended for 2 more episodes if Tim had let me, we talked about what you would do with $500 in Miami. This got us thinking, how can we help Miami entrepreneurs or miami startup founders and make it interesting for us?

So we decided to turn the $500 question into a challenge.

This is open to any new miami startup or entrepreneur who has an idea they want to explore, but is just at the idea phase. So here is what we’re offering

  • $500 loan at an industry standard interest rate, repayable in 12 months. (from each of us, so $1k total, but we could split amongst 2 ideas)
  • 10 Hours per month for 3 months in advice from each of us
  • Promotion through Tim’s podcast, and my blog/social media.

Tim and I both have MBAs (his from Wharton, mine from Kellogg), and a combined 20+ years of business experience, so we should be able to help you with lots of facets of your business. However, we aren’t building these companies for you, we’re just here for guidance, so don’t expect us to get our hands dirty on these ideas, these are YOUR ideas. We aren’t taking any ownership, merely offering a loan to get started. This loan we expect you to repay via earnings from the business.

[ecko_button color=”orange” size=”small” url=”″]Apply for the challenge here[/ecko_button]

How we choose someone is really a matter of who we think can benefit from our guidance more than anything. We promise your idea is not going to be published. However if 2 or more of you submit similar ideas, we will likely introduce you to each other, as that can probably benefit you more than competing.

Don’t forget to check out Tim’s podcast