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$3 for clean water – my charity water 2012 campaign

By September 18, 2012No Comments1 min read

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For 2012 I’ve decided to change the goal for my annual Charity Water campaign. This year I want to remove the barriers to your donations. As I’ve done in the past, I’m trying to raise a multiple of my age for charity. Over the past 4 years you all have helped raise $3,686 for clean water projects across the globe, those $3,686 mean 180+ people will now have clean water for the next 20 years.

So this year we’re trying something different. Instead of me asking you to donate $30, I want you to donate $3. I still want to raise $3000 this year, just get 1000 of your involved. $3000 will help 150+ people get clean water for decades.

I firmly believe that infrastructure is a key component in advancement, and by providing the poor and less fortunate of our planet with access to even basic amenities, they will be able to provide for themselves and pull themselves out of poverty faster. So please help those less fortunate than you this year and donate $3. That’s less than a frappuccino at starbucks.

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