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6 Months in five fingers

By October 20, 20102 Comments2 min read

So as some of you may know, I’ve been running in Vibram Five Fingers for close to 6 months now. Why did I take the leap and start running in VFFs? Well after reading the harvard study on the biomechanics of barefoot running, and trying them out, I was hooked.

I now own three pairs of VFFs. Started with the classics, which were the only ones in stock in my size at the only store that sold them nearby. I soon upgraded to a pair of KSOs which are much easier and more suited to running in (feel more secure on the foot). After a few months of running in the KSOs I picked up a pair of Bikilas. Bikilas are very similar to KSOs except for a treaded sole which helps grip the road when running. With all the wet weather out there during Miami summers, it seemed like a useful thing to have as the KSO sole isn’t very grippy.

After having a sore lower back and sore calves for the first few weeks, I’ve got to say the level of pain from running has dropped by 75% vs traditional running shoes (that were properly fitted). Now the only pain I get is soreness from putting in more miles than ever before. One thing I’d recommend though is to do some research on chi running or pose running methods. I wish I had done more research on the form, rather than just getting out there and going.

Next up, find a trail to run, and maybe over the winter pick up a pair of KSO TREKs which are better for offroad and cold weather running; even though I don’t really need protection from the cold here in south florida.

So what’s my verdict? Try a pair of Bikilas if you are going to do road running. If you are going to do primarily crossfit or workout at the gym or do bootcamp, a pair of KSOs should do you just fine.

If you are in Miami there are really only 2 places to buy a pair: Venezia and Footworks.