So I’ve decided to apply to graduate school to get an MBA. Its something I’ve been thinking about for maybe 4 years, just decided this was the right time to go about doing it. I also made this decision slightly late in the application process, and am doing everything at the very last possible minute. This however is when I shine, during crunch-time!

I’m going to be outlining on here what schools I’m applying to, why I’m looking to get an MBA, and probably sharing my application essays on here as well.

So the big question is “Why are you getting an MBA Brian?”
Well I’ve thought long and hard about this, and even though for years I was seemingly anti-MBA, I really wasn’t anti-MBA. I was anti-any-MBA. I wholeheartedly believe the value of certain MBAs far outweighs that of the average MBA. So for me, a handful of schools make a lot of sense to me, and most schools would be a waste of my time and money. This however doesn’t answer the question of why.

The decision to get an MBA is based on the following thought process. On my own I can run my own company, build something from the ground up with no meaningful amounts of funding, and live a comfortable life. I however am looking at this from a long-term perspective. I want to be able to make a large impact on the world, so whatever I do next has to be of a much larger scale. To accomplish that on my own is going to be incredibly challenging, however to accomplish this with the assistance of the MBA from these top-tier schools, would make it much more attainable.

I was asked at an HBS event recently what I wanted to do with my MBA, and I told them that my next job doesn’t exist yet.