As someone who is fascinated by a/b testing, metrics driven design, lean startups, and all of the things that go with smart startup design, I found it particularly interesting what I saw the other night while chatting with a friend of mine. We were talking about Vaultpress, the upcoming product from Automattic to manage blog backups. I said “it seems kind of overpriced to me, its $20/month” he tells me “what are you talking about, it’s only $10!”.

So in addition to their innovative “suggest it yourself” form they are price testing what seems to be 3 price points (their faq, my $20 price, and his $10 price). Chances are they are testing a handful of other price points as well.

See my version

and now his
davide's version of vaultpress

This is definitely one of the most clever examples of price testing before a product launch.

What examples have you seen of price testing in the wild?


  1. You can also edit it, and tell them what you WOULD pay..

  2. JohnMiniati

    respectfully, ASKING someone how much they want to pay for something defeats the purpose of a/b testing – it’s too easy for them to say “$0.01”. a/b testing should monitor actual behavior for specific “a” or “b” conditions. by giving them a choice you just have a/b/c/d/…zz testing

  3. Lisa Long

    Despite A/B testing, where they eventually settled was still pricey. Matt Cutts from Google just tweeted about an alternative that can monitor and backup non-WordPress sites for a fraction of the cost. ( You can sign up for the beta at with “BRESLIN” as the code.

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