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Barcamp recap

By February 22, 20072 Comments1 min read

First off, thanks to everyone for coming out and participating in Barcamp: Miami last night. Also I’d like to thank Alex, Nick, and Kim for doing all the organizing and coordinating, this event wouldn’t have come together if it wasn’t for them. Big thanks to UM school of communication, the Knight Center, Aurora Ventures, and Scrapblog for offering their sponsorship assistance.
So we had a great turnout, over 60 people showed up! We had a great assortnment of presentations by a number of highly interesting and enthusiastic presenters. Hopefully we can get some of these presenters to upload the videos/slides/notes over the next few weeks.

When is the next barcamp? You decide! We’re thinking sometime in the next 6 months(august?). We’ll keep you posted right here though.