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Brian Breslin

Builder of tech communities and products.

Brian has been building stuff on the web since 1996. From building an early ad network on the web, to enterprise software, to in person and online communities, Brian has been building on the internet his entire adult life.

About Brian Breslin (Serious Version) (Updated  Feb 2023)

Brian is the Director of The Launch Pad at the University of Miami. At The Launch Pad, Brian teaches, mentors, and supports the university’s innovation and entrepreneurship ecosystem. Over 250 entrepreneurs are supported by The Launch Pad each year.

Brian is co-founder of the Miami Tech Pod a weekly podcast covering the Miami Tech ecosystem and culture. Brian co-founded JPEGMorgan a web3 community in 2021. Brian also co-founded DealFlowMiami a quarterly startup fundraising newsletter in 2021. Brian is most widely known for his involvement in shaping the South Florida tech community through RefreshMiami, the Non-Profit organization he founded in 2005. Refresh has become the largest networking and media organization in the state of Florida focused on technology and entrepreneurship. Over 16,000 people participate in Refresh Miami’s community, and tens of thousands read the Refresh Miami news.

Brian was co-founder of SimCase, an education technology startup revolutionizing the in class experience for thousands of students across higher education. SimCase partners with top tier business schools to bring world class content to students globally.

Brian Breslin is a long time serial web entrepreneur, having started his first online business at age 14 in 1996. Over the years Brian has been involved in a number of different startups and enterprises. Brian’s longest running business Infinimedia, inc, started as a web design and online marketing business in 1996, and evolved into a logistics software company managing cargo and warehousing functions for fortune 100s.

Brian has an MBA from the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University (2016), and a BA in Foreign Affairs from the University of Virginia (2004).

About Brian (First person, non-serious version, though all true)

I’m a dad. A husband. A son. A Brother.

I got into this business 28 years ago (as of 2024) at the age of 14. I was always into computers, and had been fascinated by the nascent World Wide Web and the awesome things we could find on first Prodigy/Compuserve, then AOL. Yeah, AOL.

I started by reverse engineering websites I found to figure out how they worked. This led me to start my own websites, and start designing them. While a teenager at Coral Gables Senior High (class of 2000), I launched which was one of the early Mac news sites. At one point around 1997, pushing a quarter million visitors a month (at 15), I launched a few other sites (, iMacOnline/iBookOnline, and hired a few people to write content for my then website (which would be called a blog by today’s standards- note the word blog or weblog didn’t exist yet). Infinimedia was born out of this website publishing empire, as it served as my umbrella for corporate purposes.

In my twenties I launched the first firefox twitter client (TwitBin – sold after reaching 350k users), started one of the first WordPress backup services (PressBackup – sold), launched one of the first social media tracking tools (StartPR – shut down), built a rapid domain search tool (Squurl – sold), and countless other micro software tools.

In my thirties, I shifted focus to building more robust businesses in the education space, taught several courses at Florida International University and the University of Miami, and focused on more emerging technologies.

Since then I’ve dabbled in a number of different online businesses, side projects, and other things. I’ve taught hundreds of people how to start their own businesses, and how to build stuff on the web. What’s next is anybody’s guess.

About is the online hub for Brian Roy Breslin of Miami, FL. This site is intended as his personal pulpit on the web, to track his activity, aggregate his content, and connect his social graph. This site and the content therein is not representative of other Brian Breslins worldwide. This website and the text, video, audio, and other content contained within are all copyrighted by Brian R Breslin; if you would like to reuse or reference any of the content, please contact Brian.

Looking to have me speak at an event or advise your startup? Or want to hire me to poke holes in your business? I only take on one project or engagement per quarter. Feel free to reach out on my contact page.