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Blog network battle of the stars

By January 18, 2006No Comments1 min read

Ok, so I wake up a little late today and get in to the office later than usual and miss an ENTIRE blog network battle! WTF. Can’t these people wait till noon to start and end a battle? Normally I would throw in a link to each stone thrown; but not today, as I suspect this was a misconceived pr stunt that got out of control.

The whole issue seems to stem from the fact that everyone has a blog network, and everyone thinks theirs is best (of course your [insert blog network name] is best 😉 ). But all this has created is an opportunity for everyone to throw stones and leave a link trail back to each other. Now as a community (of bloggers) shouldn’t we be worried more about making a buck than trashing someone else’s house?

Anyway, I digress, and wish I had something more interesting to say about the subject. Even though its over, feel free to read this post outlining the whole fiasco.