So you might have been thinking of starting a blog, but aren’t sure where to even begin. Well this is a basic primer of how to get started with blogging for both personal and business purposes.

1. Come up with a topic
Yeah I know, sounds easy, but often time this is the hardest part. In our case we decided that blogging about the business end of the web was something that we wanted to share with everyone. So here at web+ we figured we would cover neat things such as how blogging and social media can help businesses and people too. Think of it as our soapbox of free consulting.

2. Pick a theme that suits you
So this may not be totally applicable to us, since we custom designed this theme, but there are plenty of themes out there you can use. Our decision to use this design (which I had originally planned for webimpresario, but decided it would get more visibility here) was based on the idea that it conveyed the same message we wanted our writing to convey: clean, straightforward, and modern. So try and pick a color scheme, and layout that reflects your writing, this may seem silly, but its not very hard to change the default theme on a blog, and you’ll notice it helps you stand out.

3. Embrace social tools
Now this is something we’re still working on implementing, so bear with me. Tools such as,technorati, digg, and ma.gnolia all work to your blogs favor. By making it easy for your fans to take your content or url to these networks, you are eseentially empowering your readers to be your evangelists. We’ll be integrating tagging, delicious, and all these tools within the next week or so, so we do in fact practice what we preach.
4. Invite the community in
One thing that I think lots of readers will appreciate from time to time, is a different perspective than what they are normally accustomed to. In our case, we figured we were covering that approach by having multiple authors, but we will probably have guest posts from time to time as well. This is the information age people, and the best way to get a good understanding of a topic is to hear what multiple people have to say on it. Also, encourage commenting, at least for a short period of time. Keeping comments open on a blog for the first few weeks of a post at least is a good way to keep the community invested in your topic, and keep them interested. Once people have commented, they have a vested interest in what others might say on the subject, and that my friend is called repeat traffic.
5. Have fun
Last, but certainly not least, is to make sure you have fun while blogging, because if you look at this as a chore, then thats what it is. If you look at this as an obligation, and not an exercise in social interaction, then you will lose steam quick.

Do you have any tips? Share them!