or – why your business needs to embrace multiple languagesAs trendy as it seems this week to talk about immigration, and certain songs being sung in other languages, the real reason i’m writing this today is because today is a day of festivities. On cinco de mayo everyone is “mexican”, just like on St. Patrick’s day everyone is “irish.” So what if its really an excuse for us to drink coronas or dos equis all night long? Its really an excuse to drop our pretenses and unite in our universal passion: booze.Ok, enough of the booze/partying, cinco de mayo and this whole week should make you realize that there are more and more non-english speaking people moving to this country every day. So it makes perfect sense for you as an entrepreneur to start looking at this untapped market as one that deserves a look. Now if you’re a software developer, or a programmer, you’re thinking “but creating a spanish version would take forever, and slow everything down.” Now this is a fair assumption, but in the meantime, have you ever thought of merely providing spanish documentation on your english language site? This would go a long way towards attracting more customers. There are hundreds of millions of spanish speaking people in our hemisphere alone, all waiting for the chance to use your company’s products.If you don’t make the effort, you can be assured that someone else will. There are legions of programmers at low wages throughout south america who you can hire to either translate your programs/sites, or develop documentation/aids to help your new customers.So take this advice, as someone who lives in the cauldron of latin america (miami), there is alot of money to be made south of the border, you just have to want it.