So for those of you wondering where I’ve been the last 7 days, I was in Palo Alto for what amounted to 36 hours after getting stuck in Phoenix for 5 hours (thanks United! you rock…[insert sarcasm tag here]). then after spending a few seemingly profitable days in vegas (if you leave with what you came in with, and spent 3 days here, i consider that profit, I find out my flight is cancelled. no problem, I’ll just get on the next flight, hmmmm. seems like the next flight is cancelled too! so here I am a full 28 hours after my first flight home still in vegas. Hopefully by noon I’ll be sitting in first class (they had to upgrade me after the 2+ bumps) and on my way back home.

Anyway, community next rocked, vegas was great (except for the not being able to go home…), now back to work.