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Continuing my apple addiction

By September 16, 2007No Comments2 min read

So I caved and replaced my beloved powerbook g4 last night, after nearly 4 years of service, with a shiny new Macbook. Why did I grab a macbook and not a macbook pro? Well I figured I use my powerbook primarily for writing, emailing, surfing the web, html coding, and the occasional photoshop work. So I decided, was it really worth $600 to get a slight bump in CPU speed (ignoring the fact the graphics card on the entry level MBpro is far better)?

Now mind you this is definitely not a desktop replacement for me (already have an iMac at home and a MacPro at work), but rather a work aide. So I figured my factors of things it needed to be able to do: travel well (lighter than the powerbook), surf the web (wifi- check), run intel native apps (CS3 – Check), and have reasonably long battery life (we’ll see about this one). All that aside though, my favorite feature is the built in iSight camera. I think this is one of the smartest feature’s Apple has added in a while. Paired with iMovie 08, and vimeo, and I can video podcast from anywhere, and record podcasts too (need to start doing that soon).

Full review coming in a week or two, once I get my apps and such transferred. So the question is, what do I call this one? The last one was called Bender (Futurama reference there). So I turn to you all for suggestions on this. Post them in the comments.