So I was just reading along through my feed reader (Sage, the plugin for firefox), and noticed Jason Calacanis mentions getting his newest blog to 2M pageviews in 2 months (fantastic btw), but it made me wonder about revenues. Lets say a site generates 2M pageviews, like styledash, has 9 ads on the page, and somehow can sell out their inventory at a full rate of $2/CPM, that means the site  generated $36k or so in the second month. Over the course of a year if they maintain this 2M pageviews, they will have generated $432k. My question is twofold: 1. how much does it cost to pay for the postings that are required for something like this, and 2: are these sites making much of an impact on the AOL bottom line?

The real question is where does one find the going rates for CPM ads, and average RPM for blogs? If you know where to find this info, let me know as I’d like to do a further study on this, and maybe release a whitepaper.

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