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Dear Blogosphere: evolve or die

By September 16, 2006No Comments1 min read

I’ve been reading a bunch of blogs on blogs lately, I know that sounds moronic, but whatever, I have to change up what I read every few weeks. One of the key things i’ve noticed, blogs aren’t evolving. they seem to be content with just writing quick little posts, but not really providing a richness to their content. Another thing blogs aren’t tapping into is the fact that they are all providing rich content, why not link to related posts on your friends sites. So here are my simple ideas to evolve the blogosphere
and give it longevity:

  • Sell your own ads (or get someone to do it for you other than google)
  • Cross link the hell out of your site.
  • Think of your blog as a media outlet more than a journal. – People get bored with journals, media is changing, change with it.
  • Network network network (kinda related to #2)
  • Make your content accessible to everyone
  • Accept the fact social media is changing every day, and adapt to it. Embrace social networks, and integrate your blogs into them.

So if anyone is interested in pursuing any of these ideas, email me. breslin[at]

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