Brian Breslin

Does Miami need a tech ambassador?

Something that has been on my mind lately has been that of whether or not the local tech community here in South Florida, and more specifically Miami, is in need of a spokesperson. Do we need a face for tech in SFL?

Lacking any recognizable faces from successful companies here may be hampering us as there is no single person to identify the tech community with down here. California, New York, Boston, and Seattle have their “celebrity” startup founders or big tech CEOs acting as beacons and spokespeople for their communities, we unfortunately lack these assets.

So how do we solve this problem? Do we identify the leaders in each industry in tech in South Florida (healthcare, tourism, finance, etc) and push them to promote a common agenda? Do we find one person and arm him/her with a support team to coordinate our local efforts?

I believe we need a team, similar to the Beacon Council, that acts as ambassadors for tech. The role would be to bring in more companies to the area, promote the existing ones, and act on foreign trade efforts with the international markets interested in the region. This team would have to be funded by local companies, local government, and local foundations. Action items would involve promoting local companies, getting press coverage, finding biz opportunities for member companies or local companies both locally and outside the area as well.

Do you think this is viable? Who do you think would be willing to back this? This is an open discussion. Any drawbacks to this?

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