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Executing upon an idea – time based ads

By May 21, 2007No Comments1 min read

So I’ve been looking everywhere for info on ads that were served by time/impressions, like my HyCT idea (naming needs some work, I know), and realized I couldn’t find any that weren’t video ads, soooooo I built one: Twitbin. Twitbin’s ad system revolves around time viewed by individuals, not just views as in traditional CPM.

What this means for advertisers: typically in cpm based ads, you are lucky if your ad is there for more than 30 seconds, thus resulting in abhorrently low click thru rates. So our solution was to make sure you get more exposure, since we don’t have pageviews in twitbin (its all AJAX) we had to take the next logical step and use the technology available to us. So we decided to rotate ads based on the time viewed and correlate that to the cost.

Hopefully after a few more weeks of testing, we’ll be able to share the results of this grand experiment with you and the rest of the world. If things go well, we’ll know whether or not exposure based ads work, and how well.