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Exploring Bebo – How I’d improve it

By January 14, 2008No Comments1 min read

I’ve been playing around with bebo a lot the last few days. (You can add me here, if you actually know me.)  More specifically I’ve been playing with their developer platform, which as you may or may not know is a clone of Facebook’s.

So aside from having an impressively low number of friends on the site, there are a number of usability issues and quirks I wish they would fix.  So here they are:

  • Improve your navigation – finding apps, and things to do on the site is harder than it should be. Add a subnavigation menu or something! Or a sidebar.
  • Improve the forums for apps
  • Improve the documentation for developers, seriously all your revenue growth will come from this.
  • Rework your app directory, facebook’s app directory stinks, and yours is already terrible and its been open for a few days.
  • decide what your focus is going to be, are you all about the users, the relationships, or what? Once this decision has been made, rework your homepage and personal start page to reflect that.
  • merge with virb. just to get their design.

If I had more time I would’ve posted screenshots and more. If Bebo wants me to do some ideas, they can contact me via my bebo page 🙂