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Failure to launch

By September 17, 2012One Comment2 min read

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As i near my 30th birthday, a lot has been on my mind. One of the things I’ve been thinking about the number of different startups or ideas I’ve worked on over the years and which worked, which didn’t, and more importantly why. I’ve been debating whether or not to document them all, I mean who wants to read about mostly failures? The bulk of these ideas and stories I plan on telling you stretch over the last 12 years. Wherever possible I will include the original schematics, designs, and ideas for the businesses. My only request is that if you do run with one of my old ideas, you put me on your board of advisors/directors.

For each of these projects/ideas/boondoggles I will outline the idea, what I did, what I did wrong, and the lessons I learned unfortunately too late. Wherever possible I will try to outline what resources were spent, what the market place was like

A few of these ideas never got beyond the idea stage, others I spend significant (for me) amounts of money on them, and a few i spent very little on, but gained nice returns. So stay tuned over the next few months as I look back at the last decade of entrepreneurship, and realize how un-lean all my ideas really were.

One Comment