So I decided there was no reason for me to keep my 4 year old Dell that I have in my house, as it was on its last legs, and has probably gone through 3 hard drives, and a half dozen reformats over the last few years. So as I evaluated my choices, I realized that PCs always invariably look cheaper on the surface, but somehow I never end up getting one of those dirt cheap PCs. By the time I am done customizing my systems and building them, or buying them from Dell, the machine ends up costing close to 2 grand. So I thought, why not switch back to a mac after all these years of being 80% PC and 20% mac.

I used to be a mac fanatic and used them exclusively till around 2000.
Now I was looking at computers, and saw the iMac had all the things I need on a computer, including the ability to run Windows (still have to use it for a number of reasons). But with my new iMac (which seems to be running faster than I expected) I can just toggle between the two, and right there is an amazing selling point. I wish Apple would highlight this more.

I’m most excited about being able to organize everything in a future-oriented way.