So realizing today that you can share publicly voicemails you receive in Google Voice, I decided we should have some fun with this and see how well it turns out. So call my GV # at (305)***-**** (had to redact it after too many creepy calls) and leave me a voicemail. I’ll post them all here today, and then you can comment on the funniest one. The winner will get a prize, not sure what, maybe a gift card for iTunes or something.

This is also a test to see how accurate the transcriptions are. All the transcripts have been done “automatically” by Google Voice.

The entries so far:
From @orical (Peter Martinez)

Hello, Mister Breslin, This is James from the male Clinic you result of come back and it seems that you tested positive for assist with and crafts. You should really stuff we don’t forget those tanks to hang out with a 3 dollar prostitutes. Anyways, please contact the Partners in, call us back for an appointment to start your treatments ideologies.

From @petebernardo

Hey Brian, It’s, Peter Martinez. Listen I just found out that I thought the office. Supposing crap so I really think you should do it yourself checked out. I’m worried that my dad give it to you that night. Sorry about that but talk to you later. Bye.

From UnknownUlisesOrozco

Hey baby blue, Brad plan. How you doing this is you know Jonathan, so I’ll either way I’m calling because I miss you, then the last night at the car. Love you, so if you were gonna be there but unfortunately i think i guess i guess. I must’ve missed it. Either way, J. J sets say what’s up. He says he’s missing his is 7 or phone at his wrist watch something about losing at somewhere within the cavities of your column in. He that way, so hit me back whenever you’ve got it back in Tempe awesome hear from you know. Missed you last night tile.

Another from UlisesOrozco

Color calling again. Okay. Brosnan, Hey Mister, Brian Breslin, this is Doctor shorts. I believe that James from my clinic the the mail service clinic gave you a call a little bit, Aliah listen. I thought I believe that he left a couple particularly and leakage and some sort of worked. It still yet to be just fine. Bye by any kind of the scientific journal. Either way I I I I need you to come back and because I need to scrape that. Anyway. Regardless, Brian mister Breslin. You’ve you’ve got my phone number please. Please call me, delay, or I may have to get the Center for Disease Control involved and I I I I I I I believe that something that you do not want me to do so. Again. Doctor Schwartz give me a call back. You can always reach. James, I believe James with the phone number. Anyway, James, Just to get it.

And another from same caller as last 3 (who I now know who it is)UlisesOrozco

Hey Brian, This is Jamal from State and yeah you know. Hey listen. Fine ago that I could probably get a phone number for you. I’ve been on the following you for quite a lot now and have a really interested in reaching out to you and with with you. Cute little cheeks and I have a lot. I was a lot to you soon. Do you know that I was not in the nice young wife socal social media management. Anyway, you have a listen. I’m for the be getting on a couple months now and look forward to possibly meeting you weren’t going to do is refresh thing that consulate talking about what in my refresh nothing to talk to you know what I’m going back date listen. Don’t be scared it’s alright. Jamal bring it to you tomorrow. Give it to reboot it and either way. Let me know. Let me know over over over extend myself here in possibly put you off because I’m more than willing to get into a long term relationship, you know tomorrow. Its content tamales care, won’t it. So Brian Breslin from Brian. Breslin dot com. I’m calling to reading the webpage for a strategist and. My name is floored look very much forward to left in a couple of months. Once I get out there to possibly getting together with you, so it didn’t room all don’t mean to make this loan, but I don’t know Nan truly glad to talk to you number man. Look forward to getting contact with you. Took mister. Brian Breslin. Just thought I’d say this but I love you. Brian Breslin goodbye.

From 786-***-0020

Hi Will, tonight and UFO if you look connecting juvenile freaky. Thank you. Bye.

From @bonzoesc

Transcript not available – you’ll understand why there is no transcript after you listen.

From (786)***-7070

Mister Breslin. I want you to know, got your actions are not calling on record. We know who you are, we know what you’ve been doing, and frankly, Pat polls line of summer. We saw that was and he you think you the on your call.

4 from (954)***-7778

What your by you that the your schedule. Ha ha ha. Anyway, Job Title, Hello Hi.

Transcript not available

Serious what I hope you’re having a phone call my friends Climate Action assignment.

The I’ve got a lot more don’t wanna back with you. Bye.

From Aldo Delgado

This is all the little advance trying to when the $10. Bright and I guess is a test message. Not sure exactly what we’re supposed to alright bye take care man.

From @sorcadesign

Hi. This is Sarah, which is at the Sunset sign. I got your phone number on the that you left me long way you get off but one of the bills. Libreg I can’t get you the and I look like they’re gonna kill us. Anyway pick me up tomorrow at 7. My next 5 minutes of the villages, Sonia Daisy all night and remind the dogs. I got out of shocks. See you later. Thanks Ben, The.