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Getting more done

By October 19, 2006No Comments1 min read

The other day I wrote about how i’ve been writing a todo list on a notebook every day, and then crossing things off as i go through them. Today I’d like to suggest some other ideas for productivity:

  1. Write todo items on scraps of paper and pull them out of a hat. Might not be the most efficient method, but hey, its random 🙂
  2. Take your to do list, look to see what would take 5 minutes or less, write those things down on a new sheet of paper, place new sheet on top, and do them all.
  3. Every time you eliminate 10-20% of your list, scratch them out, or write a new list that contains just the remaining things. This might seem inefficient, but who cares, you’re doing yourself a mental favor by tricking yourself into thinking there are that fewer number of things to do.

any suggestions?