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Getting real workshop and real work

By January 27, 2006No Comments2 min read

So today I attended 37signals’ “Getting Real Workshop” at the Gleacher Center in downtown Chicago. Quite the seminar I must say, the guys at 37s did quite a job of organizing the whole deal, everything was well thought out down to the food (which was VERY good, kudos to the catering company).

Unfortunately there was no preview of Sunrise their “CRM-ish” tool that they were rumored to be announcing/showing off today. They did manage to show off their new group communication tool “Campfire,” which was pretty neat for what its worth. Demos aside, the workshop was very useful in what they covered in respect to general business tips. Now I won’t go into specifics of what they covered (don’t want to step on anyone’s toes), but they had alot of good tips that many non-MBAs wouldn’t think of. Alot of stuff they covered strikes you as common sense AFTER you hear it, but its these things here and there that people don’t really think of. All in all it was a good workshop, more from a business of web apps perspective than from any programming aspect.

On a personal note, I am working on 4 different interfaces at the moment, for 3 different personal web apps, 1 for a client, not to mention a redesign of, and a handful of other little projects here and there. So if I don’t post on this site much in the next week, then you know why. The reason for the rush is we’re trying to get some of these apps into a solid Beta, maybe even a limited 1.0 launch by mid-february, and hopefully going full speed by SXSW in march. So on that note, back to coding. I will write up a business article of my own loosely borrowing some of today’s themes later.