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Goals for 2010

By January 11, 2010No Comments3 min read

Every year I decide to write up resolutions. So far I’ve consistently failed to adhere to them all on a regular basis. So this year I’m just saying things I’m shooting for, my general goals. I think resolutions should be more like “quit smoking” and resolving to change bad habits. Since I don’t smoke, I figure I should just set out goals.

So here they are in no order of importance:
1. Release a few iphone apps.
Ideally I want to have 4-6 apps out by the end of the year, a couple being games I have in mind already, and a couple would be mobile related services. You’ll just have to wait and see.

2. Turn StartPR into a solid business.
This year I’m going to be pushing the pedal to the metal on marketing and building the business end of startpr. We’ve invested a lot of time and money into it, and now need to turn on the revenue spigot so to speak. We’ve got a number of great add-ons and features and related products we plan on building around the StartPR platform this year, and are hoping we can turn this into a serious cash flow business.

3. Play more sports
I already play a lot of soccer, at least 3x a week, but this year I want to vary it up. Try different sports. I figure it will help to diversify the types of activities I put my body through, which will reduce stress on my knees/ankles (which take a beating due to soccer), and improve my overall fitness.

4. Grow Infinimedia
So we’ve posted respectable growth every year for the last 4. This most recent year we did 35% growth in revenue despite the worst recession in ages, and most certainly in my career. We grew our team, and matured as a company, however, we have a ways to go. So this year we will be rolling out more products, and refining our processes. My goal is to beat last year’s growth, and hit closer to 50% growth in gross revenue in 2010.

I rarely plug my own products and services (which you would know if you were a regular of this blog), but if you’re looking for someone to guide your social strategy (from a strategic and implementation standpoint) then contact us. /plug

5. Grow my own brand
Every time I hear someone talk about being personal branding experts, I kind of throw up a little in my mouth, but there is some value to the idea (its just so poorly represented by many of these newfangled social media experts and others). So this year I’m going to reinforce who I am through my content, speaking, and social activism efforts. I also am going to work more on not censoring myself and using this medium to share my opinions/theories more often, and hopefully spark some interesting discussions from them. Social media is about authenticity so I need to be more authentic. Less self-censorship, more hilariousness, more Brian.

6. Optimize my life.
I’m going to break things down to tangible chunks. Like lose 5lbs by March; doable I think. I figure that I don’t set out super broad/high level requirements when I build a website/app, I break those down to manageable chunks/sprints. So in essence I am going to apply the agile principles to my life.

7. Do more charity.
Last year with your help I raised $1700 for charity:water. This year I’d like to raise a lot more for a number of charities. Post suggestions on who I should rally my community around this year, what causes are near and dear to your hearts.