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Google Trends – Info watching is big

By May 10, 2006No Comments1 min read

Google announced Trends today, which lets people perform a hybrid google ego battle so to speak between two or more topics over time.  Now this might not seem like much to you right now, but what it really means is that marketers can now precisely measure the popularity of certain topics in relation to others.Have you ever wondered if Bush was more popular than god? Well now you know that for a time, people were in fact more curious about him than the All Mighty.How does this affect you, the small business owner? Well now you can access mounds of data that was previously unavailable to you for free. This is the data that some SEO analysts or interactive marketing firms were able to get for you in the past, but required alot of data crunching and analysis.Interestingly, they are also referencing news events in the timelines (take this comparison of amazon to web2.0, techcrunch, and startups).