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GTD Tip of the day

By December 1, 2006No Comments1 min read

Sorry for the lack of postings lately, been waiting on my buddy Chris to finish applying my design to the Web+ ( blog.  Not to mention being unusually busy this past week. We’ve been working on some exciting stuff over at the infiniHQ.
Some of the things we’ve been working on:

  • Rebuilding Squurl from the ground up (much faster, and more flexible)

Working on a new brand theme for infinisuite

  • Branding for TonalWar – check out the new logo courtesy of our new designer Antonio
  • A couple of cool client projects for PACE, Fortune International, and Schenker
  • Strategy and more for castvertising
  • some minor design improvements to campusfix before we launch
  • discussing code alot lately too
  • oh yeah, and working on a new blog with Alex called Web+

So as you can see, those are SOME, not even all the reasons i’ve been so tired lately.