Sorry for the lack of postings lately, been waiting on my buddy Chris to finish applying my design to the Web+ ( blog.  Not to mention being unusually busy this past week. We’ve been working on some exciting stuff over at the infiniHQ.
Some of the things we’ve been working on:

  • Rebuilding Squurl from the ground up (much faster, and more flexible)

Working on a new brand theme for infinisuite

  • Branding for TonalWar – check out the new logo courtesy of our new designer Antonio
  • A couple of cool client projects for PACE, Fortune International, and Schenker
  • Strategy and more for castvertising
  • some minor design improvements to campusfix before we launch
  • discussing code alot lately too
  • oh yeah, and working on a new blog with Alex called Web+

So as you can see, those are SOME, not even all the reasons i’ve been so tired lately.

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