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How deep is your vision?

By April 11, 2006No Comments2 min read

One of the things that I’ve been thinking about lately is depth in vision with respect to companies. Specifically startups. Now I don’t mean having a visionary leader or all of that buzzworthy, hypeworthy stuff. I mean deep vision. Deep vision to me is the ability to see through just the outer cruft of the business and see what is coming. No its not clairvoyance by any means, it is deep foresight.To be a truly deep visionary you have to take your business and look at it from a number of perspectives: how will we make money now, how will we make money in a year, 2 years, and maybe 5 years. This is one of those ways that companies like google excel, they see deep. They took what has become their core business: text ads, and have looked for hundreds of ways to wrap stuff around it.Companies which lack this deep thought/vision are essentially stagnant or dead even. As morgan freeman said in Shawshank you either “get busy livin, or get busy dyin.” This holds especially true for a business, especially a startup. I’ll put this out there, if you have an idea for a business, write it down, then go about writing the first and primary revenue source. Ok, now stand up, walk around the room, and write down #2. Can’t do it? then you are in a potentially stagnant business. Now I’m not saying a business built on one thing can’t be a success. What I AM saying is that if you come into a business with only 1 source of revenue, and not even a remote possibility of other sources, you might work yourself into a corner.Anyway, just thought i’d put that out there for you. p.s. when i was writing this, i had sites like youtube and veoh in mind; do you think they thought beyond “lets make money from ads next to videos?” and thought about legal issues, etc?