So I was walking Bear today and thinking about the lack of prefab housing designed for the Florida market. It all seems to be oriented to people living in seattle, california, or arizona. By prefab I mean something like the glidehouse not a double wide trailer.

So my question to you all is multipart: 1. is it possible to build a house which would meet or excede the florida building codes (toughest in the country), 2. be eco-friendly, and 3. look modern and attractive.

Prefab in my opinion (and I know very little about home construction) seems like the logical step towards lowering home costs and improving quality. If lots of the parts and pieces can be pre-made in factories where the cutting and assembly is laser precise and checked for quality, then you should be able to build homes faster and more effectively. right?

If any of you know of an architect tackling this problem, let me know, i’d like to pick their brain.