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Introducing Office Hours

By September 1, 2012No Comments3 min read

The last couple of weeks I tried a little experiment, I took a page from my parents book (both are college professors), and started holding open office hours. I’ve been getting more and more requests for people new to town or starting a business or trying to get hooked in to tech to meet with them, and honestly I don’t have the time or energy to attend to them all anymore. So I decided I would consolidate all of my meetings for non-business related stuff into a 2 hour block.

Introducing Brian’s Office Hours
Here is the deal: using anyone can book a 30 minute appointment to discuss tech, miami, startups, your idea, etc. I will give you my undivided attention for 30 minutes for free. I’ll give you feedback, point you to the right people, and more. This is free. As in I won’t ask you for anything (except that you help someone else out).  There are some stipulations though.

  1. You can’t ask me for help with your employers company if you work at some giant faceless corporation, those you have to see below.
  2. You need to give me a brief heads up on what the topic is so i can do some quick google searches
  3. You need to bring all relevant material with you. You need to be prepared, as I don’t want people wasting my time.
  4. This can be done over skype or in person. I prefer in person as I feel I get a better sense for who you are and what you’re trying to accomplish that way. In person will be done in Coconut Grove, FL so you have to travel to me.

However there is a catch. If after 30 minutes you want more of my time, it will cost you. How much? $200/hr and there will only be 6 hours blocked off for this kind of time a week. If you are asking for more extensive review or analysis of something, we can work something out. If you are booking this time to sell me something, you have to pay the $200 for my time (no pro-rating) – same goes if you need help for your Fortune500 (or any big company) employer’s project.

How did the first 2 weeks’ office hours go?
Well the first week I helped one friend speed up his website performance by 10% which should help his traffic and google indexing a bit. I helped another friend determine the proper value proposition for his mobile app. Lastly I helped a stranger figure out a strategy to build their MVP for their company’s new web app.

The next week I coached a friend with her new Social Media Marketing agency business model and strategy. I also helped a friend figure out his growth strategy for his public speaker agency. And lastly talked to a new friend about the future of our local community.

So how do you signup?
Every Wednesday morning there will be an office hour held at the Bookstore in Coconut Grove. Details are on my profile page. If you enjoy it, tell a friend. If you think you can help others, setup your own OHours page.  Signup Here