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Ironcoder contest – Vocabulario

By October 6, 2007No Comments1 min read

The infinimedia team is here in Sunnyvale, California attending the CommunityNext: Platform conference, and we decided to participate in the Iron Coder competition.  The premise is who can build an app in 24 hours and garner the most users. However there were some stipulations: 1. it had to be educational, 2. it had to be international.  So with those rules in mind, we decided to build Vocabulario. Basically Vocabulario is starting life as a Spanish word of the day application for facebook.  We built this over 6 hours last night, so bare with us as we fix it up. However the reason we did this was not just for the experience of participating in the application, but because it presents us with a challenge to try a niche that we otherwise wouldn’t have looked at.

So with that in mind, please help us win the $5k bounty and add vocabulario and invite your friends too!