Twitter just rolled out their new “embeddable tweets” aka “Blackbird Pie” tool that allows you to basically quote a tweet inside your blog. No longer do you need to screenshot a tweet to make reference to it. Now you can just as easily embed it in your blog post.

what do you all think of twitter’s embeddable tweets? aka blackbird pie. than a minute ago via web

There are a few questions this brings up in my mind. 1. Is this a play to get even more contextually relevant links back to twitter? I’ll need an SEO expert to give me some knowledgeable feedback on this one. 2. Why is this duplicating content and not pulling an iframe w/the original (uneditable) content? 3. Isn’t grabbing the twitter user’s bg image completely uncompressed super inefficient? (in my case it adds 300k to the download/embed) 4. Isn’t this method open to fake tweets or FARTs (Fake A Re Tweet)?

I met @brianbreslin today. Coolest dude ever.less than a minute ago via Brizzly

– note the above tweet was modified by ME after using blackbird Pie – looks so authentic though, doesn’t it? 😉

What do you think about this?

also note what happens when you embed 2 tweets in one post. they take on the 2nd tweet’s styling/formatting (background)