The directors/writers/producers/typing monkeys behind Lie to Me on Fox have to be some of the most clever people to get hired by Fox in YEARS. I have only seen the first two episodes (which I wouldn’t have seen at all had it not been for Hulu), and am hooked. As someone who loves to observe people (part of why i like playing poker, the other reason is i like tricking people, no don’t worry, not you), this is the perfect show. This takes the idea of someone who has a super attention to detail (cough Psych cough), adds some science (cough House cough), and mixes in some crime drama (cough EVERY SHOW ON CBS cough). What you get after that cocktail of emotions is digested is a pretty good show. Tim Roth plays his part pretty well, and we’ll have to see if the show doesn’t get cancelled how they keep everyone on their toes.

I think the key to this show hooking me is the fact I realized while watching it I kept trying to think about my own facial expressions when I interact with others. So next time you are talking to some girl in a bar, look for the following signs. Oh yeah, also check for an adam’s apple, because well you know….