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Miami Matters: 5Q Part 1 – theGorb

By January 23, 20072 Comments1 min read

So for those of you awaiting the responses from my survey, here are the first ones I received from Leonard Boord the CEO of theGorb.com1. What do you see as the primary benefits to doing business in Miami?

An attractive lifestyle that allures people to live here. A gateway city that connects the US to Latin America. An airport that allows you to easily travel to many destination with non-stop flights. A mix of people that allows one to obtain unique perspectives. No state income tax.

2. What downsides/obstacles have you encountered as a businessman in Miami?

None. I have been able to build successful companies that have been acquired with out any issue.

3. How has being in Miami affected your company’s short term and longterm strategies?

In my web endeavours, the biggest issue is the smaller list of VC’s that consider Miami home.

4. Where do you see the most growth in Miami over the next 5 years? 10?

With the changes in the political climates in LATAM Miami will continue to grow. Miami is now an attractive destination for people from Latin America as well as Europe