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Miami tech week events 2008

By February 27, 2008No Comments1 min read

This week is a busy one for tech in Miami, so I won’t waste your time explaining how Miami is growing, etc. I’ll just let you know where all the fun is this week.

First up we have WeMedia Miami thats going on NOW. You can see the live streaming here.

Next up is FutureOfWebApps that starts tomorrow/thursday Feb 28 at 9am. Workshops are going on all day, and the conference begins friday morning. This is being held at the Carnival Center/Arsht Center in downtown Miami.

On thursday we will be hosting BarcampMiami at the Arsht Center.Please register in advance if you can. Barcamp will be ongoing from 3PM-8PM.

Thursday night nokia s60 is hosting a dinner.

Friday night there is a party at Nikki Beach for FOWA guests sponsored by Scrapblog

Saturday AOL is hosting a beach party from 4pm-1AM at Nikki Beach.

Saturday I am organizing a Geek Dinner at Taverna Opa! on South Beach at 7:30PM.