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Mid year resolutions update 2009

By August 5, 20094 Comments3 min read

So back in January I wrote about my resolutions for 2009, they were pretty simple ideas overall, which I had hoped would make achieving them easier. So in this spirit, I think I should make some resolutions for the second half of the year as well. First however, lets do a progress report. I’ll grade myself on the progress of each resolution.

Resolution #1 – Lose weight (yeah yeah, cliche, I know)

Grade: C+
I’ll give myself a C+ on this one. I had lost almost 10 pounds by May, but regained a bunch and am only at -5 for the year now. Why did I reverse course? Well I got lazy, spent less time in the gym, and allowed myself to eat fast food and such. So my goal for the rest of the year is still to end the year at -15lbs. Though I should really set a target of -20 to make it more challenging.

Resolution #2 – Make more money (screw you recession!)

Grade: B+/A-
So my resolution was to grow 10% per quarter. I don’t think I have the accurate numbers with me (that’s @bacariza’s job), but I’m pretty certain we’ve almost broken last year’s total already. So I think that’s on track to be accomplished. Why not higher than a B+ ? Well if I was truly knocking it out of the park, I’d say we had doubled last year’s revenue by midyear this year. THAT would be counter-recessionary earnings.

Resolution #3 – Monetize my ideas
Grade: C+
So I am making some more money now than I was at the beginning of the year, mainly by dumb luck. Twitbin is generating more now than last year (traffic is way up, usage is way up, etc.). I’ve also started making some $ from my blog, about $100/month so far. Nowhere near the 5 figures I had hoped for. But there are still 5 months left.

Resolution #4 – Be a better friend
Grade: B+
I think I’ve forged a number of new or improved friendships this year, and made more of an effort to engage with existing friends a lot more. I think I’ve done a decent job on this one so far. Though this one is hard to rate/grade.

Resolution #5 – Say yes more often
Grade: B
So I think I’ve opened myself up for more opportunities, adventures and other things, but I could probably still be less hesitant to try things. I’m still planning on doing some new things this year (like get my scuba license), and hoping to say yes to more things in the next 5 months. This is ultimately about keeping an open mind.

Resolution #6 – Create more
Grade: A-
So I have been blogging a lot more this year than last. Partially motivated by trafficwars 2009. But also it’s a bit cathartic. I have been working on a number of new projects, which will emerge at some point during the summer. These projects were just as much about fun as about creating new business ideas and running with them.