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Mini Blog Challenge

By February 1, 20072 Comments2 min read

So Alex and I were discussing the nature of how fast Web+ has been growing lately, and how its almost gained on his personal blog as far as Technorati rank is concerned. As of writing this here are the stats:

So here is my challenge to you loyal readers of this site: help me catch Alex. Is this shameless? Of COURSE! Why am I doing it? Curiosity primarily and the desire to bring more exposure to Miami on the web. This also gives me an excuse to keep tabs of technorati every 2-3 days. So I can come back in 1 week and update you all on the progress.
More importantly though, the nature of this blog is to help spread awareness of the scene down here in Miami and the South East, and to do that the best way is to ask those who read to share with their friends. Now this was blatantly ripped from inspired by Noah’s competition last fall, so I am going to offer some prizes.

Now we do a fair amount of traffic analysis here, so basically the site that drives the most traffic will win. Maybe we’ll do 2 prizes. I dunno, we’ll see. Anyway here are the things I am offering:

  • Web+ Tshirt (having some printed soon)
  • Permanent Link in the blogroll
  • If you are a miami company, then free banner ad space (this was already free, but hey, i said this was shameless)
  • 1 hour worth of me looking at your company product,design, or personal blog and giving you good honest feedback.
  • Some stickers. Not sure of what, maybe barcamp miami stickers. or refresh, or something.
  • I will write about you, your company, or any person or group you ask (assuming its appropriate).
  • I’ll buy you a drink at the next web+ bar meetup.
  • So thats it. If you’re up for it, post a comment, if you think its stupid, post one too. And by no means am I trying to make you think this is a real competition, this is just for fun.