While talking to some very smart web developers last night, we started talking about the .mobi extension and all of its possibilities. Turns out, there are lots of them. It also made me realize how important networking is for learning new things, and exploring new ideas. Had I not been networking, I would never have known that mobile phones are going to start automatically adding .mobi after you type in a url in their wap browsers. That means you’ll be able to type in cnn, and hit enter, and it will first fetch cnn.mobi, and if it can’t find that, then cnn.com. Makes for an interesting domain play.

What does that mean for all of you, the budding web developers and entrepreneurs who read this site? This means you need to get to thinking about what you can build in a valid XHTML format that will work well for cell phones. All these years of it being hyped as around the corner, and it finally is around the corner. Godaddy has .mobi now, so check to see if your domains are available in .mobi flavor, it might be worth your while.

You might want to check out Cameron Moll’s site for lots of wireless design tips.

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