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Monthly roundup

By July 12, 2007No Comments1 min read

So I’ve been terrible about updating this blog lately. There is good reason, I’ve been super busy. Need a better reason? tough.

So for those of you in silicon valley/bay area interested in meeting up before monday evening for drinks or food and some great conversation, let me know email me brianbreslin[at] and I’ll get it on my blackberry. make sure you put who you are, and your phone # so i can call you back. In case you were wondering, I’ll be in Sunnyvale saturday for CommunityNext.

Also, I’ve got a new design for this blog cooked up, its just a matter of polishing it a bit. In the pipeline over the next couple weeks: redesigning web+, infinimedia redesign, secretproject#1 redesign, some hirings of more designers, and launching a few projects. So all in all my time is very limited.