So after getting tons of requests for people to either retweet, digg, reddit, vote on, stumble, whatever, I’ve decided I’ve had enough. Those of you who know me, know I RARELY ask anyone to rt my stuff or digg or spread my content. Maybe twice in the last year if that, have I asked people for that stuff.

So with that in mind, here is my new policy. If you ask me to lend my social capital to you, you have to adhere to any of the following criteria.

It must be something you spent time creating or working on
Its genuinely interesting
Its for a good cause
You’ve retweeted my stuff in the recent past (on your own accord)

If none of those things are applicable, then I will firmly say NO or ignore you.
If you send me a mass unsolicited DM promoting something, I will not retweet it, unless you are giving me a commission. Even then, better be worth my time.

Surefire ways for me to not retweet your stuff:
It is spammy
it isn’t even remotely interesting
It supports a cause I am not a supporter of, like Sarah Palin for president.

What are your rules for retweeting?