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New design/shift coming & updates

By May 21, 2007No Comments1 min read

so i decided to make a radical change in this site. the new design is going to come along with the revised design on web+. i have a theory on what a personal site should be, and i think this is the perfect venue in which to try it out. there will be alot more video, more connectivity, and a whole lot more fun. fun, fun, fun.

so why haven’t i been updating this site lately? well i’ve been busy as all hell. We launched Twitbin, which is a twitter tool for firefox; its been really well received, and popular as hell.

I’ve also begun my job as project manager over at Scrapblog. I’ll be managing development of a ton of stuff over there, as well as advising on strategy, ideas, and making things happen. Don’t worry I’ll still be running infinimedia, just sleeping less.

I’ve also been working on building up our staff, always a tough and critical thing to do. How do you hire the right people who will be the right fit?

so stay tuned over the next week or so, in my spare time I’ll be reworking this site, and shifting it a bit, think less stereotypical blog, more awesomeness. also trying to clean up my feeds so i can keep track of them better.