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One year on slow carb / 4HB diet

By August 2, 2012No Comments2 min read

marathon bib
Last July I started with the slow carb diet as described in the 4 Hour Body book by Tim Ferriss. You may recall I blogged about it at the beginning, then forgot to update you all periodically on my progress. This was part of a bigger plan to become a physically fit 20-something year old. Now with my thirtieth birthday approaching I figured I should give you guys and update on what I’ve been able to accomplish.

Where I started. In July 2011 I was weighing in at an unhealthy 191 lbs, had high cholesterol, extremely high triglyceride levels, and was nowhere near as healthy as I THOUGHT I was. As Tim suggests, it is important to do blood tests along the way and track things to make sure you’re making progress even when not visibly apparent. So my metrics are a combination of actual doctor assisted measurements, combined with superficial things (such as clothes I wore, etc).

Comparison points:
July 2011 July 2012
Weight 191lbs –162lbs (15% weight loss)
Triglyceride level 488 – 105
Cholesterol (overall) 260 – 225
Waist size (pants) 33 – 30
Neck size 17.5” – 15.75”
Biceps size 13” – 14”
Waist at belly 36” – 32.5”
Chest 42” – 40”
Forearms 11” – 11.5”

Performance changes
July 2011 July 2012
1 Mile Run 9:30 – 8:05
5k Run 32:20  – 28:30
10k Run 1:10:30  – 1:01:30
Deadlift 250lbs – 335lbs
20 Tire Flips (300lb tire) 2:40 – 1:15

I haven’t been 100% strict on the diet as laid out in the book. I took plenty of cheat days, weeks even sprinkled throughout the year. I consumed dairy in moderate amounts, and peanut butter, things not recommended on the diet. I also exercised more than the book recommends by going 4x a week to cross train at EliteU and running. Had I exercised less, say 15-20min a day tops, I probably would have hit the 150s already.

So in the last year I’ve run my first half marathon, and first FULL marathon (26.2 grueling miles), which would mean my quest to become an endurance athlete hit a pretty significant new level.

If you want to see what I looked like before and after. Here is a before pic in May 2011, and then in May 2012