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Online video advertising meets text, love blossoms.

By January 4, 2007No Comments1 min read

invideoSo I’m scouring through my feed reader this morning (yeah, finally started using RSS), and stumble across 2 different people mentioning the new InVideo system Adbrite is about to start testing. Basically they’ve created their own flash player interface for your FLV files, that delivers their text ads at the top.

I gotta say, I really like this. It brings the CPC model that works in text link ads directly to video, is pretty well implemented, and is unobtrusive. Brightcove has a similar adbar but theirs is graphical. The brightcove one might be more likely to generate clicks as its always present/visible (unlike invideo which hides itself), but I think users would prefer invideo’s solution in the long run.

The real question is, can they get a high enough CTR and CPC price to make delivering the video profitable? Also, the one glaring question that isn’t answered who is paying for the bandwidth? Video delivery is expensive unless you go and get TONS of bandwidth at a time. Look at youtube they were spending millions a month on bandwidth.