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Optimizing your site – TOTD

By January 8, 2007No Comments1 min read

So today’s “tip of the day” is really just an idea that I had been thinking about a while back. It is part SEO, part PPC, part programming, and basically requires a lot of work, but my theory is that it would be worth it in the long run if you sell products online. Here is the gist of the idea: people coming from different places (yahoo, direct links, google, msn, etc.) are likely to be looking for different things, or behave slightly different. So if you’re selling products online, and plan on making lots of money/investing lots of money into this, it would behoove you to optimize your sites to convert as best as possible.

My proposal today is to install crazyegg and analyze your traffic and compare that to where your visitors are coming from in your stats. If people are clicking in one part of the page, then shift some of your important stuff there. Now mind you, this is completely unproven, and not really sure if it will give you anything relevant unless you have a lot of landing pages to analyze, but it could.