Brian Breslin

Productivity hack: Clustering meetings


One of the byproducts of running an organization the size of Refresh Miami (8,500 members!) is that lots of people want to meet with me to pick my brain. Every week I’m fielding half a dozen meeting requests or more. Every time in Miami you get in your car to go to even a 30 minute meeting, you’re killing an hour and a half at least.  Scatter these events across your week, and it starts looking like the image above.

By clustering meetings to only 2 days a week, tuesdays and thursdays, I’m now able to have 3 days of uninterrupted time to work on my productive stuff. So don’t be surprised if you ask for a meeting and I tell you the only choices are tuesdays or thursdays and in wynwood or brickell. Clustering them location wise has also helped substantially as well. I can talk to more people in 1 week than otherwise, and the only downside is I end up drinking coffee half the day at Panther coffee.

The other rule I add into this is that the meetings be between 9:30AM and 3PM so I don’t get stuck in rush hour traffic. I would rather skip lunch or eat a protein bar and get more done in those 2 days than break up one of my other days. This has improved my productivity and focus dramatically.

What are your lifestyle design/productivity hacks/lifehacks?


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