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Quarter century recap

By September 24, 2007No Comments1 min read

So as I write this, my birthday is winding to a close, I figured I would take this time to reflect on the last 25 years, and post some thoughts on the next 25. Over the years I’ve learned a lot, seen a lot, been to a lot of places, but in the end the ultimate lesson I’ve learned is that it is all about the people in your life. Be they friends, family, business connections, or just random people you’ve encountered along the way. Building and maintaining these positive relationships in life is what its all about.

This is a lesson that can be transferred to anything you do in life.

So thanks to everyone who has been a positive influence in my life so far, I only hope I am able to return the favor, over the next 25. Also, thank you to everyone who wished me a happy bday via facebook, it is truly appreciated.